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The RSCS website is a public site with embedded websites links for our members. Franchisees with “Member” status may log in to their secure site from this page with a current username/password by clicking Franchisee Login. Members may request access to the secure site by clicking  Franchisee/Operator Access .  

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Franchisee Reporting

Joining your respective concept co-op provides valuable membership benefits. While the pricing negotiated by RSCS for goods and equipment is available to all operators who purchase them, only co-op members are eligible to:

  • Receive patronage dividends
  • Elect directors to the Concept Boards
  • Participate in member-only programs

RSCS is comprised of the concept co-ops of KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Habit Burger Grill. (All A&W and KFC franchisees/licensees are eligible to join the A&W National Purchasing Co-op. Inc. or the KFC National Purchasing Co-op. Inc, respectively).

All Pizza Hut and Taco Bell franchisees, as well as licensees who own 25 or more stores, are eligible to join the Pizza Hut National Purchasing Co-op. Inc. or the Taco Bell National Purchasing Co-op. Inc., respectively.

Owners of multi-brand stores are eligible/encouraged to join the purchasing co-ops of all related concepts.

Membership Information

If you are a KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, A&W or Habit Burger franchisee and want to learn more about joining your respective concept co-op and the requirements for membership, please email: memberinfo@rscs.com

Or write to:

Restaurant Supply Chain Solutions, LLC
Membership Information
950 Breckenridge Ln., Suite 300
Louisville, KY 40207

Member Programs

Our goal is to provide value to our franchisee partners by offering discounts on products and services used to run their business. We are always looking to improve our offering and bring great value to our members.

Our Member Programs and Employee Perks is a free benefit that our members can offer as a fantastic employee incentive. Visit our website to download printable flyers for your employees so they can start saving money on products and services they may already be using today.

Our entire list of programs can be found on our website. Using our Member Programs Directory, you can find detailed information on each of the programs we offer, the discounts available, as well as how to sign up through each supplier.

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