RSCS’s executive team is responsible for setting and overseeing the strategies of the organization and bringing a diverse range of professional backgrounds and skill sets to the management of the business functions. Our recipe for success includes identifying leaders with a deep understanding of the needs of our franchisees and the brands we support. This gives our management teams the ability to adapt in the ever-changing supply chain environment and deploy world class practices and business processes to support our members.

Our Executive Team

Todd Imhoff

President & CEO

Todd Silberg

Chief Operating Officer

Roger Larsh

Chief Procurement Officer

DC Storm

Chief Financial Officer

Michele Esselman

Chief Human Resources Officer

Our Leadership Team

Sara Fisher
Vice President – KFC Supply Chain

Dale Burke
Sr. Vice President – Protein Procurement

Brad Freeman
Sr. Vice President – Taco Bell Supply Chain

Paul Hanniffy
Sr. Vice President – Development & Equipment Solutions

Katie Radtke
Vice President – Taco Bell Supply Chain

Andrew Robinson
Vice President – Commodity Risk Management

Kathleen O’Neal
Vice President – Finance & Treasury

Brian Coleman
Vice President – Business Technology and Data & Process Governance

Mark Chrisman
Vice President – Equipment & Asset Procurement

Steven Rodgers
Vice President – Product Supply & Distribution

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