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The Partner Visibility system provides our trading partners and Yum! Brands the vital supply chain information and reporting needed to be strategic in today’s QSR environment. Providing this information through an enhanced technology platform encourages our partners to use this beneficial information regularly.

If you are a supplier or distributor and have not been set up for system access, please contact the RSCS Help Desk at 502-896-5939 or email If you are an employee of Yum! Brands and do not have a username, please email Yum! Brands Partner Visibility Access.

All users have access to reports to view GPS contracted items and pricing information as well as contacts, notification information, and freight data.

Suppliers participating in the RSCS Technology Program have access to advanced business intelligence reporting, providing market share information and greater insight into supply chain opportunities to grow your business.

Note: This site requires a standard configuration of Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher and requires a minimum screen resolution of 1024×768 and a DPI setting of 90.

Supplier Diversity

RSCS and Yum! Brands believe creating partnerships with certified diverse suppliers is a major competitive advantage and a powerful business tool. Our objective is to continue to find ways to increase opportunities for certified diverse suppliers who are competitive with other supply options. Our shared vision is to be among the “best in class” corporate supplier diversity programs.

A certified diverse supplier is a company that is at least 51% owned, controlled and operated by one or more individuals with a diverse business classification who are U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents and physically located in the U.S. In the case of a publicly owned business, at least 51% of the stock must be owned by one or more diverse owners. While certification is not required to do business with Yum/RSCS, we strongly recommend certification so that the supplier can become part of our program. If a supplier is not certified, we do encourage them to become certified with one of our approved national certifying agencies.

We proudly accept the following national certifications:

If your status has changed, please notify us as soon as possible at The change will not affect our supplier relationship, but it does impact our ability to keep information on diverse suppliers up to date. Please contact with additional questions about RSCS’ Supplier Diversity program or how to register as a Supplier.


As a global restaurant company, Yum! has a clear vision for building the world’s most loved, trusted and fastest growing brands in our industry.

As the exclusive supply chain management organization for Yum! Brands, Inc. and its restaurant systems, we support their focus on environmental, social and governance issues through the Recipe for Good program.

Check out Recipe for Good to learn more about business strategies and responsible business practices.

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